Son of zoologist Dian Fossey and choreographer Bob Fosse, Fossey-Fosse is... Master of the Mating Dance!

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Watch an episode of the new comedy Fossey-Fosse: Master of the Mating Dance, share a picture, get the soundtrack!

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  • New Music: Master of The Mating Dance

    Master of The Mating Dance

    Earlier this week, the first episode of Fossey-Fosse was anointed “Immortal” on Funny or Die. Today, the new song “Master of The Mating Dance (feat. Caroline Lund)” is available wherever music is sold, including iTunes. (more…)

  • Fossey-Fosse is Immortal!

    You Totally Deserve It

    By surpassing 100k views, Let’s Get Animal has been anointed IMMORTAL on Funny or Die! “You TOTALLY deserve it!”

  • New Video: Let’s Get Animal


    Fossey-Fosse: Let’s Get Animal is now available on Funny or Die and of course! Funny or Die: Fossey-Fosse channel Enjoy and share the glory!